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We are working for the Children and youth. Here we will upload our you tube videos on bible verses and other topics, Power Point presentations and newsletter. You can download and share with other for the extension of His Kingdom.


Series of videos based on bible verses for each day and situation of life.

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Mrs. Perviaz is excited for the education of her first child Emmanuel, her second son is with her in this picture. Her husband Mr. Pervaiz is a plumber, they shifted here in Gohawa for the sake of work. They lived in a rental house. They both are happy for the Emmanuel’s progress in speaking and differently in the family. They are also grateful to school for the low fee structure, it really helps them to think for the study of their son Emmanuel.

Mr. Amjad is a watchman at some school. He is very keen that his children can get the education. He is very happy and satisfied with the service of Emmanuel Primary School. He mentioned that he can clearly see the confidence in his children that they get from the school, to ask questions, do prayer and respond in a mannerly way. He always thanks God for the Emmanuel school from where he got this hope that his children can avail and excel in former and Christian education.

School's Principal Remarks

Iffat Tariq is serving through leading the school administration, for teacher training, curriculum and lesson planning and making the activity plan for school. She has following views about YRCP ministry.

Education is most important thing, if we wish to bring prosperity in our community, it can not only benefits to the one come to school bit also to the family and society. Christian is Pakistan needs the tool of knowledge of former and religious education to create a blessed family and community to influence the society for His light and love. I am very glad that YRCP is doing this very important ministry and I am part of this work. All praised to God.