Our Projects

Promoting Education

Emmanuel Educational Academy and School

Providing educational services to the Christian families, not able to  send  their children to schools because of financial problems. We are providing the education up-till primary and high level schooling. So that these children can grow academically at very low fee or no fee. We are running this school with  approach to help them to grow in christian environment. This is helping the children to get the former education and grow in christian beliefs and faith with true understanding of God’s love. Banarabas is helping us for the school project for staff salary. We are grateful to the Fellowship of brethren churches of Pakistan being mediator for us. YRCP is responsible for the operational needs, building and other expenses. In this joint efforts students are getting former education and growing in Faith.  

God is working in these children, weekly meetings and vocation bible school enlighten more than 50 children to Commit their lives to Christ. In the last 6 years so far 20 students passed primary school, 11 students appeared in 9th exam this year, round 70 families getting benefits from this projects and currently 109 students are studying at school. 

lets break the language barrier to know about His kingdom

Christian Urdu Books

 “To make available christian literature in Urdu language for the extension of His Kingdom”

There are many blessed writers in English and other languages, many Christian in Pakistan and Indian cannot go through that material because of the language barrier. I along with my team would like to work in this area. We are looking forward to having bible based books, tracks and literature to translate it in Urdu language to make it understandable for many others. Currently we are translating a book into Urdu named “Wisdom of Bible”.

Bible based English learning course

Talk English Program

Talk English program is a Bible based English basic course. Through this course we can read Bible stories and these stories helps us to learn basic English language. It is interesting in this way it benefits for tow ways one is that  people can know about love of God, and the other is to learn English language. We are very thankful for Mary Snow and Ted as they make available the course content for us and our partners in this program. We wish that through TalkEnglish program many can know His love and come to Him.

For the Extension of His kingdom

Children and Youth ministry

Through out the year we organize different activities for children, youth and families to evangelize them. For children we plan Vocation Bible School, four or five days program, children learn from bible on a particular topic, learn bible verses, songs and enjoy the art work related to the Bible lessons. Bible Promotion Day, Kids Games are also other  events we plan for Children.

For Youth different Seminars, motivational workshop and learning opportunities designed to help them to  find the clear understanding of Faith and love of Christ.

During the summer vocation we also go to the remote areas to share the word of God with families, youth and children to encourage them to live with growing faith. Jesus Film project is also part of this program, We use Jesus film for Children and families to know about Jesus. YRCP organize all these activities with the help of volunteers and local donors. We are praying for this area that may God provide us Finances and we can do further in this ministry.