Why Education and Skill?

In human history, education played a basic role for the uplift of the society. In third world countries, where people are living below the poverty line, education is not a priority of a common man. Their major challenge is survival, they are short sighted and do not invest their energy and efforts to avail the education that can change their lifestyle in the long run. For a moment, while they are motivated to send their children to the school, no sooner other challenges occur, things turn upside down and story changes. Their primary concern is meeting the basic necessities and education goes down in their list. As soon as the education of a child is affected or stops, that child loses hope of a good future. It’s a fact that if one generation puts their best efforts to avail the education, the coming ones receive endless benefits from it.

Christians in Pakistan are also suffering in the field of education due to the lack of resources, awareness or motivation. Or we can say that it is the circumstances that sweep away the dreams of a bright future from the children and youth of our community and they think for survival only. 

Although there are many schools, organizations and churches, which are working on this issue, even then there is a huge number of Christian children and youth who are deprived of basic education. There are many young people losing hope in life and finding solutions to addiction and wasting their time and energy in other nonproductive activities.  

The real dilemma in the world is, when someone loses hope and doesn’t have the slightest idea of their strength and abilities. Of course there are many challenges in third world countries like Pakistan. People have to face poverty, ignorance and discrimination. Christians here also face lots of problems. In such a worst situation, “Education and Skills” are the tools that we can use to bring confidence, courage and understanding in the marginalized parts of society. Education not only brings knowledge and awareness but also helps the children, the youth and the families at large to grow in their faith, self-esteem and courage to face the challenges with high spirit of hope. Skills add an ability to find and create positive opportunities to grow in a society with respect and inspire others with zeal.

This is the need of the hour that well educated and influential people of the community must step forward for the fellow community members. They must bring awareness and motivation among others for higher education, English medium curriculum and use of modern techniques. This will bring a solid change in the uplift of Christian community in Pakistan. 

I would also like to encourage the reader of this article that if you can motivate at least one student, or provide financial support for his/her education, it can bring a real change. If you believe in education and its pivotal role, then one’s approach must be practical. Very soon, we will see Christian children excelling in the field of education and their careers. 

How near it is, depends on our actions.

Iffat Tariq 


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